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An Exhibit of Contemporary Art

by Russian-born Artist Ludmila Pawlowska

What is an Icon?

Traditional and modern icons are sometimes described as "windows to heaven" or a "showing forth of God." The icon's purpose is to represent the divine in a way that beckons the viewer. Traditionally, icons are highly stylized, flat panel paintings that depict a holy being or object. There is little room for artistic license. Almost everything within the image has a symbolic aspect. Icons are considered the Gospel in paint. For 1500 years strict canons and traditional skills have carefully preserved traditional iconography.

The light in an icon does not come from any physical sun, but is divine. It is spiritual light that illumines and transfigures the physical, and is usually depicted in gold leaf. Color in an icon is not only symbolic, but chosen to reflect the spirit for the sake of harmony and visual rhythm.

​Thank you to Christopher Fisher, with, who visited the exhibit with his wife, Diane, and made this video!

An exhibit that needs many visits to really "see". - Anne W.

Comments from those who attended:

An exhibit that is not only beautiful & amazing, but also connects on so many emotional and spiritual levels. - Rick S.

What a testimony of Christ's love & sacrifice! - JoAnn T.


We at St. James feel blessed to have the opportunity to have hosted this dramatic 100-piece major art exhibit and share it with the Ormond Beach Community. This traveling exhibition - viewed by over 1 million people in museums and cathedrals in both Europe and the United States - featured the contemporary work of international acclaimed Russian-Swedish abstract expressionist Ludmila Pawlowska.

Very inspirational & touches the heart. - Sharon T.

There was one art piece that brought tears to my eyes - overwhelming experience. - Diana L.

St. James Episcopal Church, in association with the Ormond Beach Museum of Art, had the honor of hosting the Icons in Transformation exhibit in 2020.

Scroll down to learn more about this incredible experience.

Mila's distinctive technique includes painting, installation and sculpture using collage on wood panel and presents traditional Russian icons as a source of inspiration for contemporary art. The exhibit will feature 15 traditional icons painted at the workshop of Vassilevsky Monastry in Suzdal, Russia. The works on view will also include large sculptural pieces. Her work is designed to be viewed through the prism of a sacred space, creating a stunning and dramatic visual expression. Ludmila has an expressive dialogue between the temporal and the eternal in her contemporary work as an expression of her emotional response to orthodox icons.

Beautiful, challenging and moving pieces. - Katherine & Elizabeth M.

An emotional experience. I feel the yearning for something that have not yet found. - Anon