God commands us to be stewards over everything He blesses us with. That means our time, talents, treasure, relationships, jobs and, yes, stuff.

We use our music in many ways to serve and glorify God. Choir, hand bells, modern and old.

Newcomer & Fellowship



We provide a creative outlet for parishioners that enjoy the planning and coordinating of social gatherings and events.

Pastoral Care

Acts of public worship, including the Sacraments, fulfill the mission of Christ and the Church to sanctify the people of God and glorify
​the Lord.

Music Ministry

Biblical counseling, visit the sick and injured in hospitals, and discipleship for members of the congregation.
1 Peter 5:2-3


Do you have gifts not being used?

sacramental EVENTS

An act of glory to God, inviting all in worship to praise the living God, to express joy, tend to the sorrowful, give courage and hope, and unite one and all in giving thanks and praise to God.

Jesus’s mandate to feed, clothe, and care for those in need, St. James assists those who are most vulnerable in our community.

community Outreach